Sustainable Electric Vehicle Service Platform & Components

EV Data & Analytics

Data measurement platform which stores data from 3rd party fleets and ensures health check and predicts failures of high-voltage components of EVs

Service Platform

Complete B2B service platform & ecosystem for EVs including inspection tools, education, training and certifications of traditional garage chains for EVs


Refurbished EV high-voltage components such as the main battery packs, cells, drive-units, onboard-charger++

Ecosystem partners


About the team

Visionary President of KGK with strong leadership skills.
Håkan Knutsson
The passionate and visionary soul of EVs.
Nassir Farooq
History of establishing several successful startups in Norway
Morten Zakariassen
The genius behind the "Scan My Tesla" app
Amund Børsand
Tech lead

What do we do?

EV Hub is a technology company that provides an electric vehicle data measurement platform & sustainable EV car parts

EV data measurement

We collect high voltage key components data of real EVs in the world. Our Cloud technology stores and analyzes the data, looks at patterns and applies machine learning to run predictions of potential defects before end-user notice it

EV Inspection & battery report

Inspection report tailored for EVs with more than 200 automated and manual checkpoints addressing the end-user experience with a backoffice for garages

EV battery packs

Refurbishing faulty battery packs, fixing modules, cells, BMS, moisture and other issues. Instead of changing the whole battery at the OEM level, repair the old battery and get better sustainable lifecycle

Drive units (DU) & other parts

Repairing older drive-units and other high voltage components such as the onboard charger, DCDC converter, ++

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